Platform: PC

Status: In Development

Engine: Unity

Pact is a Metroidvania-style action-platformer where the player is a magic using gunslinger. The gunmage can switch between three different guns as well as different elemental augmentations that change the behavior of each gun type in order to tailor his approach to the situation at hand. In addition to his augmentations, the gunmage will obtain a variety of other spells to help him traverse the strange Mesoamerican-inspired world that he inhabits. This odd land has many secrets for diligent players to uncover including optional power-ups that will better equip them to face the daunting onslaught of monsters and men who would stand in their way.

Role: Lead Programmer


  • Developed nearly all the game’s code, excepting several animations.

  • Movement and collision

  • Gun mechanics

  • Elemental gun powers

  • Enemy AI

  • UI code