The Phaeton Cooperative

Platform: PC

Status: Demo

Engine: Gamemaker

The Phaeton Cooperative blends the adventure genre with colonial simulation. Players take control of an interplanetary explorer contracted to help set up a new colony on a recently discovered planet. In order for the colony to flourish, the player must overcome the often dangerous terrain and wildlife of this new world while also meeting the needs of his/her fellow colonists. The game includes character creation with various species and cosmetic options. Players can explore the world and gather resources or stay and develop the colony. This was a concept demo and was not made into a complete game.

Role: Lead Programmer

Programmed all the game’s systems and mechanics including

  • Movement and Collision
  • Dialogue System
  • Crafting System
  • Combat System
  • Save System
  • Character Creation
  • UI Code
  • Art, Animations, and Sound Implementation